Listen to the tune of this moody pianist, feel the weight of this place, sense the magic of connection forming. You are welcome in my nodular corner of the digital ether, tethered to an unborn island reverberating deep below the undersea cables where volcanic harmonies of the Pacific echo and sound. Like you, I hold more than a portion of light. We are becoming, we are harmolodic. This is because there’s nothing to see. Indeed, you would fare better by taking this artificial border of indexical, institutional, and infrastructural orders as an introduction to the orchestral ensemble that makes me all at once a queer lover, son, brother, friend, artist, activist, academic and more. So, as we learn about one another, let’s turn on the karaoke machine in the meantime. Let’s sing and play your favorite sad song, and soon you’ll see. There’s more than what meets the eye. There are horizons to be heard and dreams to be felt.